Replace driving license with Turkish one

 Replace your driving license with a Turkish one

A foreigner with a driving license from a country other than Turkey is entitled to use the driver's license after being translated and authenticated by the writer in-justice (Notarized) for a period of 6 months from the date of entry into Turkey, according to the official website of the Turkish Foreign Ministry. At the end of the six months, according to the same website, the foreign driving document must be replaced by the Turkish driving license. If there is an agreement in this regard between Turkey and the concerned country, or that the country of origin of the document is a member of the Road Traffic Agreement, to which 84 States have signed so far, these countries are:
Germany, Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belgium, Belarus, UAE, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Congo, Ecuador, Indonesia, Armenia, Estonia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, France - Ghana - Guyana - South Africa - South Korea - Georgia - Croatia - Netherlands - England - Iran – Spain - Sweden - Switzerland – Italy- Montenegro - Qatar - Kazakhstan - Kenya - Kyrgyzstan - Costa Rica - Kuwait - Cuba - Lithuania - Liberia - Latvia - Luxembourg - Hungary - Macedonia - Mexico - Mongolia - Moldavia - Monaco - Niger - Norway - Central Africa - Uzbekistan - Pakistan - Peru - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - San Marino - Senegal - Seychelles - Serbia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Chile - Tajikistan - Thailand - Tunisia - Turkey - Turkmenistan - Ukraine - Uruguay - Vatican - Venezuela - Greece - Zimbabwe.

Replacement and required papers:
If the person carries a driving document from one of the signatories to the agreement, he can replace it with a Turkish driving license by visiting one of the traffic centers, taking the following papers according to the Traffic Administration website
1- Translation of the document into Turkish with its ratification by the Notar or the Consulate.
2 – a Binder document of 
driving license (can be obtained from the drivers' union).
3- A driving document form (which can be obtained from an electronic traffic registration site).
4 - ID or passport (or tourist or temporary residence permit or work permit).
5 - 2 Personal biometric image 5 * 6  (did not exceed more than 6 months).
6. Health certificate for drivers (which can be obtained from a government hospital or a private health center).
7- A document showing blood group.
8. Original 
driving license (returned after completion of procedures).
9. A colorful copy of the Original 
driving license.
10. Payment or bank notice (fees vary by category).
11. a driving license fees.