driving exam in Turkey


driving exam in Turkey

There are a lot of questions about how to submit an electronic examination and how difficult the exam is. In this article will explain everything related to this exam. The theoretical electronic exam is 50 questions divided into four sections including:

Traffic signals: are the most important things in driving because it shows the driver how to transit and how to drive and the speed. the person who knows and understands the signs correctly can easily pass the exam and comes more than 8 questions about signals.


First Aid: Many of us often exposed to injuries or accidents, either with us or with the people around us. Most of us do not know how to deal with such cases, especially if we do not have a healthy culture or information about first aid. The number of questions that come from this section 12 questions.


Technical information about vehicles: At present, cars occupy a large part of our lives. Most people spend at least a full hour in a car or different means of transportation. Therefore, cars have become an integral part of our life. As we use cars on a daily basis, it is essential that all people have a knowledge of the mechanics of cars, even the basics. Through a little information, you can take a good mark in the exam and the number of questions is 10.


Traffic morals and environment: It has the largest share in the number of questions as 20 questions come in the exam.


To test your knowledge, take the theoretical exam, follow the link below: