Technical information about the vehicle

Cars currently occupy a large part of our lives

, And most people spend at least a full hour a day in the car or different means of transportation, so the car has become an integral part of our lives, and as we use cars on a daily basis and continuous, it must be that all people have knowledge of mechanics, even if Very few or basic, the car is ultimately a machine prone to failure at any time and wherever, so you should learn the basic information related to the mechanics of cars at least.

Learn Motor Mechanics

In the beginning, you have to determine if you want to learn auto mechanics as a kind of knowledge that you may need in your daily life, that is, you want to learn it superficially, or you want to repair your car yourself, or you want to work in the field of automotive mechanics. The answers will vary very significantly. If you want to learn the mechanics of cars as a general knowledge, you can read about the car and its parts, and then inspect these parts without tampering with your car, and you can ask the technician who is repairing your car for the car parts and functions and other questions, and you can join Some simple courses teach you the basics of auto mechanic and periodic maintenance, which you should do continuously, and how to keep your car from being damaged, such as checking the level of oil and water in the car, tire pressure and brakes. If you want to repair your car yourself, you will usually only be able to repair minor faults in the car. The car is made up of thousands of pieces that you can not know all of them and connect the faults that occur in the car and the sounds that come out, and identify the damaged pieces only through study and experience for several years, And will often need special tools to repair many car breakdowns.
Working in the field of automotive mechanics
If you want to work in the field of auto mechanics, you can initially enroll in the mechanics of auto mechanics, which give you after the end of the training period, which may be for two years in many cases a certificate that qualifies you to join the labor market, but most important work in the mechanics of cars Is to gain enough experience, which you gain from training in the labor market under the supervision of experienced technical professionals, it will take two to five years to have enough experience to repair cars, or at least most of the faults in cars, and know how to do so, Crash in the car that may need years of experience longer to repair.