Driving Guide in Turkey-EXAM



I. Assessment of life findings and status of the wound II. Giving oral food to prevent loss of energy and energy III. If there is an object stuck in the head, the object is secured with clean cloths before it is removed What are the first aid practices to be performed on piercing chest injuries?

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driving exam in Turkey

driving exam in Turkey There are a lot of questions about how to submit an electronic examination and how difficult the exam is. In this article will explain everything related to this exam. The theo.

Replace driving license with Turkish one

Replace your driving license with a Turkish one A foreigner with a driving license from a country other than Turkey is entitled to use the driver\'s license after being translated and authenticated b.

How to get a driving license in Turkey

Many of us want to get a driving license in Turkey, as some believe it is not possible, and they face many problems because they do not know the right way to get the license. There are several things.