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driving exam in Turkey
Replace driving license with Turkish one
How to get a driving license in Turkey
Car maintenance in closed areas
The tasks of the differential
replacing the missing oil
causes balancing to be done
antifreeze tasks
decrease in fuel level
Compliance with traffic rules
communicating with the traffic supervisor
Disclaimer and sacrifice
values needed for the drivers
the traffic rules
behavior to protect the environment
factors that influence driving safety
equipment is obligatory to keep carrying
registration a new vehicle
the main flaw in traffic accidents
minimize the possibility of death
the maximum load
vehicle lights
parking information sign
to facilitate the passage of drivers
Organs transport vehicles
right of passing at a junction
follow the prohibition to pass
vehicle carrying the dangerous substance
the maximum speed for buses
driving during the withdrawal for driving license
according to the traffic signs
The General Directorate of Security
personality traits that affect safe driving
Getting the injured out of vehicle
Superficial respiration
first aid to epilepsy
Forearm bone fracture
chest injuries
who has the hemorrhoids
the head and face of the heavy bleeding
breathing and expressing clogging
support practice for children
Blind diving into the mouth
the defense of the body
Emergency Service
the violation of the individual rights
anger sentiment in traffic
while waiting in the red light
basic value in traffic
driver who owns traffic moral
to save fuel
weird sound comes from an engine
the-ABS-warning light
Engine oil
The fuel filter
before starting to use the tool
the suspension system in the market
the radiator
Air pollution
Car maintenance card
increases speed of vehicle in water
the compulsory materials and equipment
Certificate of Registration
Passing the speed limit
on the highway
Winter tire
lights that indicate the distance
The engine is stopped
the right of passage
during the backward crossing
vehicles forbidden in front of a vehicle
the maximum speed of the vehicle
the distance between the slow-moving vehicles
Inspection station
the Ministry of National Education\'s tasks with traffic
positive behavioral expected from drivers
the fireman\'s method of injured transport
Sara Crisis
Coma position
first aid practices performed on sprains
first aid for penetrating abdominal injuries
Increase in blood pressure
Technical information about the vehicle
First Aid
Traffic Morals
who implements Heimlich Maneuver
Learning Section
cardiac massage and artificial respiration
the cause of the bruises seen on the lips
the cells and tissues oxygenate
the first aid person himself
the harms that traffic accidents caused
driver who are faster and angrier
subcategory of helping behavior
The risk of your driver making an accident
Respectful and courteous
traffic Adabi
increase fuel consumption
using finished tires
decrease in oil level
Low tire pressure
the first action for the operation of the car engine
the cooling water
the Differential
unnecessary use of special vehicles
the vehicles doesn\'t need a recording device
who installs the-LPG-system in the vehicle
a driver is considered to be defective in accident
the safety belt uses
when carrying passengers with loads
The fog lights
not forbidden to waite
at the intersection
a driver that will turn left
Violation of the follow-up rule
the vehicle speed meets the required conditions
vehicles are they forbidden to occupy the strip
the rules that must be followed
the use of roads
organizing traffic Place
organizing traffic Place
positive behavioral characteristics
Rentek Maneuver
the first aid to high fever
the injury that caused by pull effect on localities
the first-aid practice in the case of accidental
the bleeding
victim with respiratory obstruction with blockage
the basic life support for adults
the respiratory tract clogged
evaluating an accident place
number of respirations for healthy adult
where first aid is required in Turkey
the second ring of the life-saving chain
harms that traffic accidents
Your body language
the purpose of anger management
who have problems in coping with stress
Traffic morals
not increase fuel consumption
the vehicle be stopped according to the rules
must be changed every periodic maintenance
the reason why the windshield wipers can\'t clean
the causes motor oil to change in time
this warning lamp
check before getting into the car
the runtimes of a four-stroke engine
the vehicle powertrain
Noise pollution
the expire for driving license
A traffic accident
the safety belt
the restriction on the traffic sign
at night on the roads
vehicles are incorrectly parked
warning from vehicle with transitional superiority
In intersections without traffic sign
driver turn back wrongly
taking warning from near vehicle at night
on the highway leaving distance
the roundabout with insufficient visibility
changing the lanes
the lines drawn on the way
In the junction
The Ministry of Transport
positive behavior expected of drivers
Traffic Morals
Technical information about the vehicle
The first aid to transport the blind
the first aid to victims of chest pain
the loss of consciousness
the first aid practice conducted in casualty
carrying injured to safer place
the shock
the characteristic of venous hemorrhage
Heimlich maneuver
the artificial respiration to babies
when the heart stopped
the system that kidneys are one of his parts
First Aid
driving exam in Turkey
Replace driving license with Turkish one
How to get a driving license in Turkey

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driving exam in Turkey

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Replace driving license with Turkish one

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