How to get a driving license in Turkey


How to get a driving license in Turkey

Many of us want to get a driving license in Turkey, as some believe it is not possible, and they face many problems because they do not know the right way to get the license.
There are several things if get them. The license can be obtained easily.

 First, to have a valid Turkish identity or residence in Turkey, and there is no difference of the type of residence, whether tourist residence, student residence, employment residence or even an investor residence, and if you legally resident in Turkey and you want to get Turkish driver's license for the first time and you have never obtained a license in Turkey or un your home country.

You can apply at a Driving Education Center (Driving School), which are widely separated in all over Turkey, enrolling in a school is compulsory. The school provides practical and theoretical education to prepare the candidate for the exam conducting by the Ministry of Education of Turkey.

The education is in several languages, including English. The theoretical exam is based on the multi-choices method. At least 70% must be obtained. The student has the right to retake the exam 4 times if the required percentage is not obtained.
The cost of registration at a driving school ranges from 1000 to 1200 Turkish lira depending on the school that you chose. After passing the theoretical exam, a practical test for the driving is scheduled and if you don’t pass the practical test, there is an opportunity to return it without limitation and without the need to repeat the theoretical exam. When you pass the exam successfully, you get a certificate to grant you to get the driving license.
Second, the conversion of the driving license in Turkey. If there is an agreement between the country from which the license is issued and Turkey, the original license will be withdrawn and replaced by a Turkish license. For more information click here
In order to convert the license, it must be translated into Turkish and certified, then you have to get a good conduct certificate obtained from the judge, in addition to a colorful copy of the original license.

These papers are submitted to the main traffic department in the Turkish city where you live in, and it usually located within the security directorates. The next step, the Turkish government will communicate with the embassies of the countries and verify the validity of the licenses and wait for the answer. This process may take from one day to three months maximum. After obtaining approval, you have to prepare the necessary papers which are four new personal photographs, the translation of the original license and notarizing it, and a medical report and the blood group. in addition to the residence and a copy of it, and the passport and a copy of it.

Finally, for the international driving license, you can use your international driving license if you don’t have a resident in Turkey.